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From 1st to 2nd of March 2023, we met in a large group for the FEVER Plenary Meeting in Cyprus. This time we visited our project partner University of Cyprus in Nicosia. We discussed the progress of the project, the further procedure and existing problems and risks.

The official part of the meeting

On the first day, we met at 9am in the library building of the University of Cyprus. The whole campus is very modern just like the building where our meeting took place. We reminisced about our days as students and realised that we had nowhere near as comfortable and cushioned chairs in the lecture halls. It made us a little envious 😉 .
Then it was about the content: the status of the pilot sites and one of the work packages, existing problems and risks. Since we are an international, European consortium, these meetings in person are very important for us. They lead to fewer misunderstandings and the topics can be worked through more quickly and easily. Against this background, we are also very happy that since last year our “project tourism” can take place again. This is so, since it came to a standstill during the pandemic.
Although we had a programme until 5 p.m., the time passed in a pleasant way because we were able to take sufficient breaks. In addition, we were able to eat in the refectory at lunchtime – and here, too, we had to admit with envy that we did not get such good food in our refectories.

After we had discussed until 4 p.m., we were given a guided tour of the campus grounds at the end of the day. It enabled us to take a look at the test lab. There we got explanations about the individual installations and tests.
Especially interesting was a type of solar system that was to be tested by the university for a company under great heat. The material probably didn’t withstand the temperatures and bent and made waves.

On the second day we had a bit of network problems, so we had to start later. However, we were able to clarify all the points about the work packages that were not discussed on yesterday’s day and finish it off with a well-deserved drink and some sun on the beach.

City tour through Nikosia and project dinner

On the first evening of our project meeting, we were invited to dinner in Nicosia. Before that, we got a short city tour from Anastasia, who is part of the team of the university in Cyprus. We were able to see old Venetian city walls, an old school and a church. The churches are built in a very different style here than we are used to in Germany. Also the buffer zone between the Turkish and Greek regions of Cyprus in the middle of Nicosia as well as the border crossing between the two areas were shown to us.
We had dinner very close to it and were spoiled with vegetarian, fish and meat meze galore. One thing was better than the other. In addition, we were able to do a little networking, as there are always new project leaders from the respective partners at such meetings. It was a convivial and interactive evening, which welded us together as a consortium a little more. As we already discovered last year in March in Wunsiedel, we are first and foremost colleagues. But a social bond leads to more understanding and motivation. We returned to the hotel round and happy.

Our (German) team

👩‍💻 Lisa Ben Baruch and Sophia Rohbogner represented Es-geht! at the FEVER Plenary Meeting in Cyprus. Next to Es-geht! two other German partners joined the meeting: SWW Wunsiedel and Stadtwerk Haßfurt who are both supported by Es-geht! during the implementation of the project in their grids.
A more detailed description can be found on in our post FEVER Project Description.

Your Es-geht! Team

Impressions of the FEVER Plenary Meeting in Cyprus