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About us

Creating a better future.

Es geht! (It’s possible!) – Together.

About us

Es-geht! Energiesysteme GmbH was founded in March 2016 by respected and committed personalities from the energy industry (including from the TU Dortmund University) in order to be able to serve differentiated problem approaches of their customers with individual solutions.

The already existing network of our founders made it possible to quickly attract young, dynamic and creative minds who are enthusiastic about the development of the energy industry. Customer orders and reference projects have increased steadily in recent years, so that we want to continue to use our motto “Es-geht!” for meaningful, innovative and future-oriented concepts and projects for companies in the energy industry and beyond.

With practice-oriented solutions, we have made a good name for ourselves with our customers and their environment in the field of renewable energies and their conveyor systems.
We have also extended our expertise to other areas in the field of sustainability. For example, we have gained experience in projects dealing with customer integration and acceptance, SDG analysis and gender equality plans. Today, we offer a wide range of services, which are listed on our homepage and which we will be happy to explain in more detail if you are interested.

We are not afraid to swim against the tide while everyone else says: “It’s not possible! Because we say: “It works!”, and we also show this in our logo. There, four triangles form the current, we are the blue triangle that swims against it and makes its way.

Our shareholders

Rita Meindl

Managing Director

Gerhard Meindl

Shareholder / Business Development Manager

Prof. Dr.-ING. Christian Rehtanz


Klaus Pelikan


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Dr. Jennifer Meyer


Our team

Lisa Ziemer

Senior Consultant

Kevin Kaiser

Project Manager

Šárka Kuthanová

Consulting and Coordination Interreg BY-CZ

Jan Weiler

Project Manager

Lucas Dörr


Rainer Härtl

Research staff

Evyatar Littwitz

Project Manager

Fabian Reindl

Sales and Accounting

Lisa Ben Baruch

Project Manager

Dr. Marvin Albrecht

Senior Consultant

Timo Johann

Digital Transformation Manager

Sebastian Auer

Research Manager 

Christoph Strunk

Project Manager

Lisa Mages

Customer service and marketing

Jekaterina Kaizere

Graphic design

Veronika Thoma


Daria Zösch

Project Manager (on parental leave)

Sebastian Thoma

Accounting and Human Resources

Desiree Klesius

Administration and Marketing

Michael albrecht

IT Consultant

Dr. Sarah Albrecht

Quality Management

We look forward to your enquiry.