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Creating a better future.

Es geht! (It’s possible!) – Together.

We are Es-geht!.

A young an highly motivated energy and sustainability consultancy that thinks outside the box.

Our goal is to create a surrounding for everyone which is worthier living and can persist in the future. With our passion for positive change and our commitment for sustainability we enable our customers to contribute to a fair and generations-bridging energy transition.


We envision a future in which energy solutions are accessible for everyone and conserve resources. We want to inspire our customers and empower them to build a community together with us which stands for a more just and greener world.

Our task is to empower companies and communities to face the energy transition with confidence and to tackle it. This, we achieve by offering informed consulting, education, and support for companies for a sustainable transition. By sharpening the awareness and promoting new starting points of thought, we help our clients modify and achieve their energy goals to contribute to a better future for all.

Our Services

Energy management

We are happy to advise you on various energy-related topics that are relevant for your company. We support you in the planning of your energy networks, the increase of your energy efficiency as well as the continuous management of your energy flows.

Research management

We offer you holistic support in the field of research management. Specifically, it is not only about the acquisition of research funds on a national and international level, but also about the supervision of the various work packages, the preparation of reports, interim and final proofs or even travel to the various project meetings.

Sustainable transformation

We support your company and your communities in implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Be it in the form of an equality plan, optimized energy and material flows, potential assessments or greenhouse gas reduction measures.

We develop customized solutions to make your company or your community sustainable.

Gender Equality

We are your point of contact for gender equality. Gender equality plans are now a prerequisite for EU funding within research topics and also offer other advantages for your institution. Let us advise you. We will draw up a gender equality plan for your organisation.

You want to know more about us?


Here, you find information about activities of and news on Es-geht!. 

What is ‘Model Predictive Control’?

What is ‘Model Predictive Control’?

Model predictive control (MPC) is one of the most effective and well-known methods of advanced control technology, which is being used in more and more areas, such as building automation.The concept behind it is to predict the future behaviour of a system to be...

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The Start of a new project

The Start of a new project

We at Es-Geht! are delighted to announce that our project consortium has won the pilot of dena's ongoing Energy Sharing Community project. This project is a significant milestone for us and we look forward to embarking on this journey to create a sustainable future...

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What is… a Gender Equality Plan?

What is… a Gender Equality Plan?

In short, a gender equality plan represents an active commitment to the realisation of the right to equality for women, men and non-binary persons within a company.It serves to put gender equality into practice and is therefore an essential steering and control...

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