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Sustainable Transformation

Our portfolio in the area of sustainable transformation

Do you want to make your company more sustainable? We would be happy to advise you.

Sustainable corporate governance and change management

Stakeholders are increasingly demanding that companies focus more on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Legislation is tightening and consumers expect brands to be purposeful about sustainability, adhere to strict ethical standards and act responsibly.

More and more companies are looking to their partners to help them become more sustainable through technology and innovation, and to make the necessary economic, social and environmental changes.

With extensive expertise and industry experience, we help our clients define and implement strategies, business models, processes and technologies to achieve their corporate sustainability goals.

Sustainable corporate governance is an integrative and holistic management approach that focuses on the consideration and management of sustainability within and by the company.

Material flow management and analysis in companies

We help you optimise operational material flows, save costs and strengthen regional value creation in the process.

Here you will find a brief explanation of the relevant terms: (Source: Enquête- Kommission “Schutz des Menschen und der Umwelt” des Deutschen Bundestags (Publisher): umweltverträgliches Stoffstrommanagement Band I, p.4-5)

Material flow management refers to an in-depth analysis and targeted optimisation of material and energy flows that occur during the manufacture of products and services. Applied material flow management combines the objective of economic profit with the goals of regional value creation and environmental protection.

In this context, applied material flow management offers different approaches to action, which, starting from a material flow analysis, pushes the optimisation of the individual material flows. Operational planning from financing and fundraising to the networking of actors are also part of the material flow management approach. The resulting advantages lie in the increase of regional added value, the optimised use of own potentials, the reduction of operational costs and a reduction of environmental impacts through new technologies and intelligent concepts.

Quality and environmental management in companies

Energy balancing and development of measures for cost optimisation.

You do not yet have an automatic energy management system in your company and therefore no detailed overview of your energy consumption? Talk to us.

Enormous cost advantages can be achieved through optimised energy management.

Sustainable regional development and change management

Since our foundation, we have been working closely with municipalities that want to lead the way in sustainability. Be it through integrated climate protection concepts, potential studies for renewable energies or tourism and conversion projects. We advise municipalities from the acquisition of funding through the conception phase to implementation. Please contact us.

Climate protection & regional development

    • Integrated climate protection concepts (mobility, renewables, waste management)
    • Measures in the field of ecological landscaping (biodiversity & buffer zones)
    • Potential analysis of renewable energies
    • Sustainable mobility concepts
    • Sustainable tourism
    • Structural adjustment / conversion projects

Advice on certification according to DIN ISO 14001 & EMAS

Are you aiming for environmental certification according to DIN ISO 14001 or EMAS for your company, but don’t know where to start? We will be happy to advise you.

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