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On Friday, 03/31/2013, we completed our HONOR project after three years of operation. HONOR stands for: “Holistic flexibility market integration of cross sectoral energy sources”. We were involved in this project as a subcontractor.

Final Meeting

In order to finish the project together and to discuss the last missing steps as well as the further utilization of the project results beyond the runtime, we gathered in Wunsiedel from 28.03. to 29.03.23. Besides Sophia Rohbogner and Rainer Härtl from our side, SWW Wunsiedel GmbH and a part of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of TU Dortmund were present. The rest of the consortium was unfortunately not able to participate in presence and joined online.
Besides the discussion part, we could show the participants of the TU Dortmund the energy park of SWW on the second day. Even for us as Es-geht!, which works closely with the municipal utility in Wunsiedel, this is always an impressive experience. It’s also exciting to see that something new is always being added there and expanding things are being planned, as well as a constant hustle and bustle. It’s always especially nice when people are on site for the first time because everyone always gets really big eyes and round mouths 😉 .
Of course, we were also able to use the evening between the two days to exchange ideas a little and also to let the project come to an informal end. We were all able to get to know each other a little better, which probably sounds strange for some of you, since we had already been working together for a few months. However, like so many other projects, Corona threw a spanner in the works, which unfortunately meant that the face-to-face events were cut short. However, getting to know each other in person is essential in order to create a more personal and collaborative way of working. We hope that we will be able to carry out more projects together in the future.

Consortium and Content


The HONOR consortium included partners from science, industry and also those who merely accompanied the project. In the following, you will find a list of the respective partners.

Scientific PartnersIndustrial PartnersObserving Partners
TU DortmundGreen Power DenmarkCerius
Technical University of DenmarkForeseetiStadt Dortmund
KTH Royal Institute of TechnologyPSI Software AGNODES
Norwegian University of Science
and Technology
SWW Wunsiedel GmbHVISUE
Partners of the consortium

The HONOR project aimed at both developing and evaluating a holistic approach to flexibilization of energy generation and consumption. The focus was on the coupling of the energy, heat and transport sectors at the local level as well as the regional and supraregional exchange of flexibility. For this purpose, concepts for business models of a sector-coupled flexibility market were developed, which enable all potential flexibility market participants to participate without discrimination.
The further development of monitoring and surveillance functionalities ensured the support of grid operation management as well as the online and ex-post validation of grid and plant operation after flexibility transactions.
Models were developed to assess cybersecurity, which were used to determine an estimate of the risk and cost of a cyber attack.
The goal of the consortium was to develop concepts and solutions that could be exploited in a pan-European context and meet macroeconomic requirements, as well as take into account the market development potential and the risk of cyber-attacks.

SWW with the support of Es-geht! provided experience from the operation of SWW, which is designed to be cross-sectoral and -coupled. In addition, local stakeholders were engaged and canvassed by both companies so that potential courses of action for flexibility provision and exchange were developed. In this way, the respective stakeholders were involved in the project from the beginning and also their opinions, visions and wishes. This added value through stakeholder involvement led to tailored and realistic results.

The person responsible on the part of Es-geht! was Evyatar Littwitz. More information and any deliverables can be found on the project website. We would like to thank all project participants – for the past years and for completing the HONOR project so successfully.

Your Es-geht! Team