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On July 20, 2023, we published our first statement under the UN Global Compact – on the areas of human rights and the environment. In doing so, we want to make a contribution to becoming more transparent and clarifying our commitment in the four areas of the Ten Principles.

Why and how we created our statement…

The preparation of such statements falls under our responsibilities as a participant in the UN Global Compact. As we publish our Communication on Progress (CoP) every year, we are naturally keen to improve our performance and activities, which are queried in this sustainability report. We joined last November and have explicitly created a statement on how we approach the issues of human rights and the environment in our company. In it, we give you examples of how we do this and hope that this will make our corporate goals and our activities clearer and easier to understand.

Our team responsible for implementing the measures under the UN Global Compact is Lisa Ben Baruch as the main contact person, who also initiated our participation in the initiative. She is supported by Sophia Rohbogner.

You can find more information about the UN Global Compact on its website or on ours. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Your Es-geht! Team

Our Statement for you to read

Below you will find our statement on human rights and the environment as part of the UN Global Compact. Please mind, that it is only available in German. You can also find it on our website Our Commitment, where you will also find other interesting documents on our participation in the UN Global Compact.