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As part of the UN Global Compact Network Germany, we announce our participation in the “Target Accelerator Gender Equality” program. Lisa Ben Baruch and Sophia Rohbogner are participating on behalf of the company.

🗓️ The program takes place this time with the network Switzerland & Liechtenstein. Its aim is to share and generate knowledge between the various companies over a period from 29.06.2023 to 08.03.2024, International Women’s Day. In doing so, the group is always dedicated to different topics.
📚 As part of the program, we will for example address the topic of Women’s Empowerment Principles. In general we will learn how companies in general can promote gender equality. This includes topics such as Gender Pay Gaps, developing company policies regarding hiring and all other company areas. Also, Unconscious Bias, Male Allies, and measurable approaches to tracking achievements will be treated. The program concludes with preparation for International Women’s Day and at the end both participants from our company will receive a certificate.

We are already very excited about and looking forward to the exchange between the individual participants. Luckily, we were pleased to see that a couple of well-known companies from the Gender Equality Peer Learning Group are also part of the program. The first kick-off meeting was held last week on 6/29/2013. Now we are already looking forward to the information session on the Women’s Empowerment Principles.

This should also serve as an encouragement to any companies that have not yet been a part of the Target Accelerator Gender Equality program to take advantage of this opportunity on the next run and plan their participation. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Your Es-geht! Team