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On 26 April 2023 Rainer Härtel and Kevin Kaiser met with other consortium partners on our behalf for a meeting within the IDiNA project in Magdeburg. The current project status was discussed and the further procedure was determined.

Next to us, there were the Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg (OVGU), PSI Software AG, OFFIS, the Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU), SWW Wunsiedel GmbH and Stadtwerke Haßfurt (SWH) present.

Topics of the Meeting

Official Part

The day started for our team on site at 9 am and lasted until about 3 pm. During this time, various topics were addressed, which were presented by the respective responsible persons and participants of the companies and institutions. The agenda was structured as follows:

1Flexibility potentials and previous research projects in the grid of SWWEs-geht!, SWW
2Grid-serving behaviour in Wunsiedel and Reutlingen: Status of the field study OVGU-IPSY
3Stadtwerk Haßfurt – Strategy und Status of the Smart City Haßfurt and relevant aspects for IDiNASWH
4EMTS Day-Ahead ForecastOFFIS
5Value of improved load forecasts for the bottleneck management BTU
6Methods of State Estimation in middle and low voltage gridsOVGU-LENA
7Cost model for the acquisition of information OVGU-LENA
Lunch break
8Validation-as-a-Service: Preparation of the prototypePSI
9Planning of the coming progress of the project
Agenda of the IDiNA Projektmeetings in Magdeburg on the 26 April 23

Unofficial Part

Besides the official part, there was of course again the possibility to network as well as to do teambuilding and to see the city where our team was. These unofficial aspects of project meetings are, as we already wrote in the article about the FEVER project meeting in Cyprus, very important as a consortium, because only then you get a team feeling. And as a team you simply work better together!

So Rainer and Kevin visited Magdeburg with the rest of the participants and could learn something about the history of the city, which was mentioned for the first time in 805 and served as the center of the Reformation. In addition, the team was able to visit the city’s landmark, Magdeburg Cathedral, as well as the Green Citadel. This is Hundertwasser’s last building, which was completed after his death and is now used in a variety of ways. In addition, there was some food. Those who follow our posts diligently will notice that these meetings in large groups always proceed quite similarly: official, project-related part and unofficial part with sightseeing and food.

Thus, the meeting passed quickly and we look forward to the last remaining months of the project with a bit more team spirit, ideas, knowledge of the current status and more importantly, a plan for how to proceed.

In case you wish visual impressions from the IDiNA project meeting in Magdeburg, our colleague Kevin Kaiser created a video which gives you the content of the meeting as well as information about the city of Magdeburg. Check it out! 🎥👁️ Simply follow this link or directly visit our LinkedIn profile, we look forward to hosting you.

In the future, we will provide you with further information about the IDiNA project and encourage you to browse through our other content and postings.

Your Es-geht! Team