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As part of our participation in the UN Global Compact we published our first Communication on Progress (CoP) at the beginning of April. This CoP is comparable to a sustainability report. Its completion is a mandatory requirement for all participants in the UN Global Compact in order to continue to be classified as active.

You get more information regarding the UN Global Compact and our participation here.

We invite you to visit our profile on the website of the UN Global Compact where the Communication on Progress is accessible. Alternatively, you can access our profile and our CoP as well on our website or by clicking on the figure above.

Approach and steps for the coming year

As this was our first CoP, we filled it out conscientiously and treated it like an inspiration for our upcoming tasks. Therefore, we are now thinking about what data we will collect in the coming reporting year and what other tasks we will face. These tasks include, for example, risk analyses or statements on the recognition of the Ten Principles and the SDGs. Currently our sustainability report looks a bit meager, which is mainly due to the fact that we have only been part of the UN Global Compact since last October. We were not yet familiar with the requirements and the parameters measured. This is why we have only been able to provide very neutral information so far. Our goal, however, is to change this significantly next year, which is why we are currently working intensively on the above-mentioned planning. After all, we do not only have an obligation to the UN Global Compact and our stakeholders. We also have an obligation to ourselves and to our society, and we take this obligation seriously.

That’s why it’s very important to us to become more transparent and thus more aware and sustainable. Because without gaining awareness about our activities, we cannot improve them. Therefore, we want to contribute to the world we want. Together with all companies that participate in the UN Global Compact and commit to its principles,

Persons involved in the CoP process

Sophia Rohbogner and Lisa Ben Baruch were significantly involved in the preparation of the CoP and the planning of the coming reporting year. The two will continue to devote their efforts in the coming year to the implementation of data collection and the preparation of the next CoP in 2024. In future their tasks will also include bringing the results of the respective CoPs to the company and initiating improvements.

Stay tuned with us. We will continue to provide you with information on our participation in the UN Global Compact.

Your Es-geht! Team