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From 15.09. to 17.09.2023 our team met in the Zillertal to hold the annual strategy meeting. This is a tradition that we always hold in the same place every year to get together, exchange ideas, discuss, strengthen team spirit and give something back to our workforce.

Our Programme

On Friday, 15.09., our program started in the early afternoon, because all participants had to arrive first. Our team traveled from Israel, the Czech Republic and all over Germany to the Zillertal for the strategy meeting! We are an international team, so it is all the more important for us to meet in person. 👥

After we had moved into our quarters, we were ready to go and discussed the current order situation, internal things and much more. In addition, there were also presentations by people from the workforce on interesting topics or processes within the company. This mixture also accompanied us during the two following days and was extended by team activities. This allows us not only to discuss things in a larger group and in a more personal way, but also to strengthen our team spirit. ✌🏼

The evenings were characterized by delicious food from Roswitha and her team as well as conversations, music and a cozy get-together at the fire bowl – because it was getting a bit cold in the evening. Some went for a swim in the whirlpool and watched the stars from there, which were sensational on both evenings. ⭐️

Rosh Hashanah – Jewish New Year

What was special for us was that the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) took place on Friday, which our two colleagues Lisa Ben Baruch and Evyatar Littwitz, who live in Israel, celebrated with us. For this we traditionally dipped apples in honey, ate them and wished each other a happy new year. The apples with honey are a symbol for that the new year shall be sweet, like these two things. Thank you both for sharing this tradition with us! 🙏🏼

We now start into another year until the next strategy meeting and are already excited about what we will work on and what we will encounter in the coming months. We will definitely keep you posted and look forward to hearing from you.

Your Es-geht! Team

Impressions of our Strategy Meeting in the Zillertal 2023