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We are proud to announce that the project “CoMap” (short for “Co-Simulation for Real-Time System Mapping”) has been approved by the project management agency and has thus started on 1 December 2022. The aim of the project is to build a so-called digital twin that represents a digital image of a network in real time as accurately as possible. The duration of the project is two years.

In the project, we are supporting our long-standing partner SWW Wunsiedel GmbH, the municipal utility of Wunsiedel, as a subcontractor. We are helping with the specification and use cases for network operators, the development of the real-time system for network operation analysis and the implementation of the user platform. In addition, a large part of our support consists of demonstrating, applying and testing the developed solutions in the laboratory and in the field. SWW makes its network available for this purpose.

In addition to SWW Wunsiedel and Es-geht!, the company “MicroNova – Software und Systeme” and Fraunhofer IEE are also partners. Our team of experts on the Es-geht! side consists of Dr. Marvin Albrecht and Timo Johann. Together we form a strong consortium and can bundle our knowledge and innovative spirit.

The next two years will be very exciting and we are looking forward to participating in the project. Of course, we will keep you up to date on the progress of CoMap here.

Your Es-geht! Team