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With the participation of experts from the fields of Smart Cities & Regions, digitalization, energy efficiency, innovation and science, the non-profit association “Digitalraum Main-Donau-Molau e.V.” was founded by committed members of Es-geht!.

The aim of the association is to create a healthier, fairer and more environmentally friendly society through increased networking and the implementation of projects in the field of smart cities and smart regions in the Bavarian-Czech border region.

Among other things, the association will focus on supporting the digital transformation in rural regions. To this end, it plans to provide comprehensive information, networking opportunities, workshops and other activities relating to science, research and other relevant topics.

The official Kick-off event of the “Digitalraum Main-Donau-Molau e.V.” will take place online and all interested parties are cordially invited to attend. The event offers an exclusive opportunity to learn more about the goals and activities of the association and to explore the benefits of membership.

Details of the Kick-off event:
Date: Thursday, 08.02.2024
Time: 1:30 pm
Duration: approx. 90 minutes
Type: Online
For joining the event, please register here

If you are interested, you are also welcome to explore the association’s website. In addition to providing information, it is also intended to contribute to the exchange of information between all interested parties. We look forward to receiving suggestions, ideas for the further development of the content and general feedback.

Your Es-geht! team