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As part of our InterReg project “Smart Academy”, which ended at the end of December, we have launched a platform. Citizens and people looking for basic knowledge about smart cities and smart regions can find information there.

A requirements analysis including a requirements workshop was conducted for the web-based platform at the beginning of 2022. During the workshop in Wunsiedel, Czech and German partners worked out wishes and needs for the platform as well as possible obstacles.  

Based on the results, a Software Design Description (SDD) was created and the technical infrastructure was set up (web server, database, domain, content management system). The graphic design was completed in the second half of the project. The platform is now publicly accessible and will continue to provide up-to-date information in Czech and German. For example, news about the creation of the Polygon Röslau, information about smart cities and the extensive potential study “Smart Regions in Bavaria”, which was created during the project, can be accessed via the platform. In the long term, the association “Digitalraum Main-Donau-Moldau” (in formation) will ensure that the topics discussed in the project are dealt with on a regular basis and will lead the working groups, including on the topics of green technologies, energy management and the interface between citizens* and the community.

In addition to providing information, the platform should also contribute to the exchange of information between all interested parties. We therefore welcome suggestions, ideas for further development of the content and general feedback via the contact form and hope you enjoy exploring the Smart Academy platform.

Your Es-geht! Team