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We wish everyone a happy Easter and will not be available from 07.04.23 to 10.04.23 inclusive. However, from 11.04.23 we will be available again and dedicate ourselves to your requests as soon as possible. We would also like to invite you to an online event.

If you have a request, please use our contact form or contact us directly at info@es-geht.gmbh. In urgent emergencies you can also reach Gerhard Meindl.

❗️But before we say goodbye during the holidays, we would like to draw your attention to an event that will take place on 24.04.23.


Local energy community as small hydrogen valley – sustainable and green energy


Local energy community (LEC) with integrated hydrogen systems (H2LEC) connected to the grid is an ecosystem with common values and goals and represents a subsystem in the energy supply system. In it, hydrogen plays the crucial role of balancing local production and consumption – a small hydrogen valley.

A LEC represents a virtual, socio-economic, regionally-oriented system based on community values, thus incorporating initiative, innovation, and investment from local actors, especially new technology start-ups and younger generations.

You can learn about such LECs and their best practices in this event.

Interested? 🤓 Click here for more information and register by Friday this week, 07/04/2013. You can find the link in the description.

Until then, we wish you again happy Easter and remain with kind regards

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