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We have reached the halfway point in the Röslau neighborhood concept, which we were able to start in March 2023. But where are we right now in the implementation? What have we achieved? And what steps still await us in the last six months? You can find answers to these questions in the following article.

Short summary of the Röslau neighbourhood concept

In the neighbourhood concept in Röslau, an energy potential analysis for the regenerative energy supply of the district “Unter-Röslau” including the gKU Winterling area is carried out, taking into account the use of waste heat from the affiliated industry. The aim is to improve life in the district through targeted biodiversity measures and increase the attractiveness of living through renovation proposals with corresponding access to suitable subsidies. 

Our employees working on this project are Jan Weiler, Lucas Dörr, Kevin Kaiser and Lisa Mages. In addition, the Es- geht! is supported by Stefan Rüffler and Frederik Haupenthal.

This was already done

The inventory of the building structure and assignment in the GIS to the corresponding categories, such as year of construction, energy consumption, renovation status, has already been successfully completed.

What we currently work on

At the moment, our focus is on developing technical concepts for the use of waste heat by local companies, introducing renovation schedules to reduce consumption and developing attractive business models, such as contracting.

The tasks during the next months

A second citizens’ workshop is planned between October 10, 2023 and October 12, 2023, as well as specific measurements regarding waste heat in companies and the presentation of the waste heat concept.

So we have already achieved quite a bit by the halfway point in the Röslau neighborhood concept and are looking forward to the completion and results that still await us. Of course, we will continue to inform you about the topic in the future, so check our blog regularly.

Your Es-geht! Team