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Es-geht! Energiesysteme GmbH was successful in the tender for the neighbourhood concept in Röslau and was given the go-ahead for its implementation. Starting date will be 01 March 2023, and one year is planned for the creation of the concept.

We are very proud that we were able to convince the municipality of Röslau of our concept proposal and are now allowed to implement the project. This is a great opportunity to make the municipality of Röslau fit for the future and to act as a role model.

Jan Weiler, project manager “Röslau neighbourhood concept” at Es-geht! Energiesysteme GmbH

The neighbourhood concept rethinks the energy supply of the city of Röslau for the future. The aim is not only to consider how energy will be produced, distributed or saved in the future, but also how the city can adapt to climate change. During the concept we will deal with a wide range of topics: they range from energetic renovation to digitalisation and new concepts for the use of buildings.

Context of the Röslau Neighbourhood concept

The starting point for the concept was Cäcilia Scheffler, director of the MSE Winterling Immobilien. She devoted herself to the question of how the buildings of the former porcelain factory could be heated in the future. But in her eyes, that was not thinking far enough. Therefore, the scope was expanded and is now dedicated to a complete neighbourhood in the south of Röslau.

The Röslau neighbourhood concept is to be prepared by Es-geht! for an area of about 45 hectares with 167 plots and about 540 residents. In addition, businesses are also represented with about 30 companies. Therefore, a strong involvement of the people involved is particularly important to us: keyword participation of the citizens. To ensure this, we will create a homepage and offer a consultation hour.

Approach of Es-geht!

The concept development begins with an inventory. We will therefore record various points, such as the building fabric and the age of the building as well as the orientation to the sun, in order to be able to develop our concept.
After that, we dedicate ourselves to evaluating the respective potentials of the buildings. These include, for example, PV systems or heat utilisation as well as possible solutions for an e-charging structure. We will also include larger systems, such as CHPs or storage units, in our considerations.
In the end, a catalogue of measures will be drawn up for each building.

This is not only an opportunity for Röslau, but also for other municipalities in similar situations. Moreover, we will also learn a lot from it. Because this is a completely new challenge for us, which we face with high motivation and respect. We are very much looking forward to working with Mayor Gebhardt, Executive Director Scheffler and all the people in the neighbourhood.

Lucas Dörr, Deputy Project Manager “Röslau Neighbourhood Concept” at Es-geht! Energiesysteme GmbH

👨🏻‍💻 Project manager from Es-geht! is Jan Weiler, who is supported by Lucas Dörr. Both are very much looking forward to managing and implementing the Röslau neighbourhood concept on behalf of Es-geht! We will of course keep you up to date here.

An article about the neighbourhood concept was published in the Frankenpost on 10 February 2023 in the Fichtelgebirge section. You can find the article and more information on the topic here (German).

Citizens of the municipality of Röslau who have questions about the neighbourhood concept can contact the project managers or via quartier@roeslau.de.

Your Es-geht! Team