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Our internal Christmas party took place on 15.12.2022. 16 employees were present and together we were able to get into the Christmas spirit and celebrate after the stress of the last few weeks.

Since we all work from our home offices and are spread across Germany, the Czech Republic and Israel, our party naturally took place online. However, that didn’t stop us from doing Secret Santa. Most of us were able to open our presents today and we got a lot of different and great things – from sweets to liquid food to socks. In addition, this year all employees of the company will receive a jar of honey as a small Christmas present, which comes from the bees of our colleague Kevin. The design also comes from our company, namely from Katja – everything made Es-geht!

This was followed by a quiz created by Lisa Ziemer. It was about us as Es-geht! and who knows the most about the company in terms of employees. The whole thing was very funny and stimulated conversations in a playful way. One of the motivating factors was that the person with the most correct answers would receive an additional gift. The impressions of our joint cooperation, especially during our strategy meetings that take place twice a year in Presence, were also fun. We had a lot to laugh about and were able to look back on many pleasant and productive hours that have further bonded us as a team. We then simply ended the evening as we pleased with conversations and lots of mischief.

We wish you a wonderful pre-Christmas season. Stay healthy!

Your Es-geht! Team